Explore the Unexplored Beauty of Land of Gods, Uttarakhand

Whether you’re looking for a close view of the scenery or a lazy summer weekend escape, the adventure begins right here. Sightseeing opportunities in Uttarakhand are plentiful and diverse. Tourist attractions include many Hindu temples and pilgrimage destinations as well as scenic natural surroundings replete with mountains, rivers, glaciers, abundant greenery and many other natural elements. A place where divinity and nature combine and give the choicest of experiences, it seems to be a perfect abode for people seeking piety, tranquility, and wisdom. Besides all this you can also explore the city’s major attractions, bustling laneways, cafes and beaches, this is truly the best way to experience and enjoy this cosmopolitan city. Enjoy sightseeing tours including the popular riverside of river Ganga and Yamuna with panoramic views.

We offer a variety of fun things to do throughout city sightseeing. Select the city sights tour or the beach tour, or do both all for the affordable price, the choice is yours. Our city sightseeing packages offer you flexibility and freedom and are perfect for first-time visitors, whether you are traveling alone, with a group or as a family. You can travel around to all the sights with us or you can spend as much or as little time as you like at each stop before jumping aboard for the next location. We offer a variety of possible locations from where you can start your tours to any destination of your choices.

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1. Guides: We have experienced guides with the knowledge of Hindu Mythology, History, and geography of an area. Apart from English, we also have Russian speaking guides on relevant charges.

2. Transportation: We provide transportation to our customers for sightseeing and pick up and drop services to Railway station with suitable charges.